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  • The evolving role of a designer in the local creative industry and the creative frontiers is the topic that I would like to discuss. If the dawn of 2014 becomes a turning point for the arts and culture in Cyprus, the fact itself generates questions concerning the opportunities, threads, ambitions and generally the artistic landscape […]

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  • So 2013 was not your top year and you were not even close to be the first reindeer, let me tell you a secret to get your luck back by simply the method of getting unstuck, Go ahead stretch your lips towards the tips of your ears, for a moment you ‘ll feel that you […]

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  • November 07, 2013

    Movember 13

    Continuing the tradition we started since last year, we experiment with various typestaches so we get your attention.This year we start with the typeface Αkzidenz Grotesk bold. You see, we need your attention the same way prostate cancer patients need our support worldwide. Click on our mustached logo or the following link and all you […]

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  • October 18, 2013


    love |ləv|noun1 an intense feeling of deep affection: babies fill parents with intense feelings of love | their love fortheir country.• a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone: it was love at first sight | they were bothin love with her | we were slowly falling in love .• ( Love )a personified figure of love, often represented as Cupid.• a great interest and pleasure in something: his love for football | we share a love of music.• affectionate greetings conveyed to someone on one’s behalf.• a […]

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  • April 22, 2013


    earth |ərTH|noun1 (also Earth )the planet on which we live; the world: the diversity of life on earth .• the surface of the world as distinct from the sky or the sea: it plummeted back to earth at 60 mph.• the present abode of humankind, as distinct from heaven or hell.The earth is the third planet from the sun in the solar system, orbiting between Venusand Mars […]

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